Data dashboard as evaluation and research communication tool

This chapter by Veronica Smith aims to provide a sound framework and guidelines for evaluators, researchers, and program staff to design, develop, maintain, and use a data dashboard as an effective communication tool for monitoring progress and performance against specific objectives.

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Veronica S. Smith, data2insight LLC

Key features of this resource on data dashboards

A detailed description of data dashboards, including when to use dashboards, process for creating dashboards and limitations of dashboards.

    How have you used or intend on using this resource?

    I find this article very helpful as it provided a much more detailed summary of dashboards than many other sources, including the history of dashboard development and lots of examples. The sections on dashboard design (p31-36) and dashboard limitations (p40-44) are particularly useful in deciding if and how to use dashboards. 

    Why would you recommend it to other people?

    A comprehensive overview of dashboards that is both practical and easy to read, equally suitable for both curious dashboard novices and more experienced developers.  


    Smith, V. S. (2013). Data Dashboard as Evaluation and Research Communication Tool. New Directions for Evaluation, 2013: 21–45. doi:10.1002/ev.20072

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