Developing Capacity, Improving Performance

This paper discusses Pact's Organizational Performance Index which is used to analyse organisational change, particularly with regard to performance and the link between capacity development inputs and their impact at the community level.

"The OPI captures an organization’s performance across four domains: effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability. Each of these domains includes benchmarks that describe a progression of four levels of increasing performance. Partner organizations self-identify their current level in each domain and provide tangible evidence to support their conclusions. Pact staff reviews the evidence provided, verifies achievements and agrees on final scores together with each organization.The partner organization is re-assessed annually, and the results are used to track changes in organizational performance. Partner organizations are able to analyze the impact and ‘so what’ of capacity development, confront their challenges and prioritize areas for future development. Globally comparable results allow Pact to see the overarching impact of our work." (Pact)

The Four Domains:

  • Effectiveness: achieving results and meeting standards
  • Efficiency: delivering services and increasing reach
  • Relevance: engaging target populations and promoting learning
  • Sustainability: mobilizing resources and increasing social capital


Pact. (n.d.). Developing capacity, improving performance. Washington, DC.

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