Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide

This guide from the University of Wisconsin-Extension provides a range of activities that introduce the reader to creating and using logic models.

"Logic models help us plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate more effectively. Many funders and organizations require logic models. This guide provides activities with handouts, slides, and other resources for facilitators to use in helping individuals and groups create and use logic models." (Taylor-Powell & Henert, 2008)


  • What is a logic model?
  • Logic model components and language
  • Benefits of logic models
  • What does a logic model look like? 
  • Developing a logic model 
  • Logic model and evaluation


Taylor-Powell, E., & Henert , E. University of Wisconsin-Extension, Program Development and Evaluation. (2008). Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide. Retrieved from website:

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