Digital Storytelling

This article from Participatory Learning and Action describes the use of digital storytelling (DST) in development and how it is used to draw out stories and engage storytellers in the evaluation process.

"Participatory processes such as allow NGOs to listen to, and learn from, the people and the communities with whom they work. They also enable these NGOs to use these stories to lobby and advocate on particular issues. For NGOs interested in increasing awareness and understanding of a particular issue, or in genuinely exploring how best they can support the communities with whom they work, DST offers a fun and empowering means." (Lewin, 2011)


  • What is Digital Storytelling?
  • Digital Storytelling workshops – introducing the methodology
  • Creating digital stories
  • What we learnt about the process of storytelling
  • Using the digital stories
  • The impact and influence of digital stories
  • DST, learning and change


Lewin, T. (2011). Digital storytelling. Participatory Learning and Action, (63), 54-62. Retrieved from