Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating communities

This book from the Center for Digital Storytelling outlines the philosophy and practice involved with using digital storytelling in a development context.

"The current revised 2010 edition reflects important changes in our philosophy and work, including the updated "SEVEN STEPS" of digital storytelling. These steps, which represent an easy-to-understand approach to identifying the fundamentals of digital storytelling, are one of the Center's unique teaching strategies.

Readers will also find new explorations of the applications of digital storytelling, an interview with Patient Voices (a healthcare-focused digital storytelling initiative), and updated appendices that provide up-to-date resources for digital storytelling, including information about past and present Center-affiliated projects and an overview of place-based storytelling, a narrative-based approach to understanding experience and landscape." (Lambert, 2010)


Lambert, J. (2010). Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating communities. (3rd ed.). Berkeley, CA: Center for Digital Storytelling. Retrieved from

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