Easy dot plots in Excel

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This blog post from Stephanie Evergreen of Evergreen Data provides step-by-step guidance for creating dot plots using Excel. 


"Last month I was at a Naomi Robbins’ workshop and she was pretty emphatic that dot plots are the better method of visualization, as compared to bar charts. The reason goes back to Cleveland’s early experiments on visual perception, which found that humans most accurately interpret locations on line, when those lines share a common axis. Even more accurate than length, which would be a bar chart.

The problem is that most of us use Excel and dot plots are not a default chart option. On Naomi’s inspiration, I used a little elbow grease to make it work. Here are the instructions. And I think you’ll agree that the dot plot really does allow for better comparison between two points over a side by side bar."


Evergreen, S., (2013), Easy Dot Plots in Excel, Evergreen Data. Retrieved from: http://stephanieevergreen.com/easy-dot-plots-in-excel/

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