Environmental sustainability: 2022 NEC Conference session recording

In this recording of the 2022 NEC Conference's session on environmental sustainability, the Footprint Evaluation Initiative’s Patricia Rogers and Andy Rowe joined Joana Varela (Ministry of Finance and Blue Economy Plan, São Tomé and Principe) and Elaf Zeinalabdieen (Sudanese Environment Conservation Society) to talk about how we can move from evaluating environmental interventions to ensuring environmental sustainability considerations are included across evaluations.


  • Patricia Rogers, Footprint Evaluation Initiative and founder of BetterEvaluation platform


  • Andy Rowe, ARCeconomics and Footprint Evaluation
  • Joana Varela, Career advisor, Ministry of Finance and Blue Economy Plan,
  • São Tomé and Principe
  • Elaf Zeinalabdieen, M&E Officer, Sudanese Environment Conservation Society

National Evaluation Conference (2022). Session C3: Environmental sustainability. Retrieved from: https://nec.undp.org/proceedings?rank=c3

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