Equitable evaluation framework

What if evaluative practice was not only about something but for something?

This session explored the origins and impetus for the Equitable Evaluation Framework and how its three principles ask evaluation to:

  • Be explicit about its axiology (what is deemed worthy)
  • To evolve and expand ontological (what is considered true) and epistemological (what is determined to be knowledge and evidence) definitions,
  • While also embracing the complexities of the 21st century.

This work is situated in US Philanthropy but is having an influence globally and starting to enter discussion in other sectors. It is currently housed in the Evaluation Invitation Initiative, a fiscally sponsored project of the Seattle Foundation.


Jara Dean-Coffey is Founder and Director of the Equitable Evaluation Initiative. For the past twenty-five years, she has partnered with clients and colleagues to elevate their collective understanding of the relationship between values, context, strategy and evaluation and shifting our practices so that they are more fully in service of equity. Her consulting practice, jdcPartnerships and now Luminare Group, has consistently sought to push practice and incubated the initial explorations of how the Equitable Evaluation Framework (EEF) might be a next step for the field.