Evaluability Assessment: Examining the Readiness of a Program for Evaluation

This guide from the Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center is aimed at providing juvenile justice program managers with a guide to implementing evaluability assessment in order to ensure that programs are ready for evaluation.


  • Introduction 
  • What Is Evaluability Assessment?
  • Is Your Program Ready For Evaluation?
  • How Do You Perform an Evaluability Assessment?
  • How Can Program Managers Ensure That Their Programs Are Evaluable?


Kaufman-Levy, D., & Poulin, M. Justice Research and Statistics Association, Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center. (2003). Evaluability assessment: Examining the readiness of a program for evaluation (Program Evaluation Briefing Series 6). Retrieved from website:http://www.jrsa.org/pubs/juv-justice/evaluability-assessment.pdf

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