Gantt chart

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Gantt charts allow you to plan and analyse more complex projects by giving you the ability to plan and schedule tasks, allocate resources and develop a critical pathway for project completion.

They also allow you to monitor every stage of the project to ensure it is on track and also implement remedial action if necessary.


"An essential concept behind project planning (and Critical Path Analysis) is that some activities are dependent on other activities being completed first. As a shallow example, it is not a good idea to start building a bridge before you have designed it!

These dependent activities need to be completed in a sequence, with each stage being more-or-less completed before the next activity can begin. We can call dependent activities 'sequential' or 'linear'.

Other activities are not dependent on completion of any other tasks. These may be done at any time before or after a particular stage is reached. These are nondependent or 'parallel' tasks." (Mind Tools, 2012)


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