Good Evaluation Questions: A Checklist to Help Focus Your Evaluation

This checklist, created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that can be used to assess the the quality of potential evaluation questions.  The checklist came about after analysis of literature on evaluation questions and the knowledge of a range of different evaluators. 


"Use the checklist as you create evaluation questions (step 3 in the CDC Framework). Using the logic model that you created in step 2, you will decide on the general focus of your evaluation. Next, you will develop and refine specific evaluation questions. This checklist can be used either as a communication tool to aid in developing the specific questions with the evaluation planning team, or as “double check” to review the questions already developed. In either case, the checklist provides a structured way to document how you selected your question(s). This documentation can be helpful in later steps, such as step 5 (justifying conclusions) and step 6 (ensuring use and lessons learned). It is also helpful for adhering to the evaluation accountability standards."


National Asthma Control Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013). Good Evaluation Questions: 
A Checklist to Help Focus Your Evaluation.
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