Handbook on monitoring, evaluating and managing knowledge for policy influence

This handbook from the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) is designed to support research institutions develop monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management systems in order to improve their performance.

"Incorporating monitoring, evaluating, and managing of knowledge between the daily practices of policy research institutes is well worth it. On the one hand, the use of these tools can be a smart strategy to enhance the impact of their research in public policy. On the other hand, can help them strengthen their reputation and visibility attracting more and better support by donors. In turn, the design of a system of monitoring and evaluation and the beginning of a knowledge management culture, if approached with a genuine interest in learning, can become a valuable knowledge that bridges motivation for members of the organization.In short, these practices can improve targeting activities, better decide where and how to invest resources, and formulate more realistic and accurate strategic plans." (CIPPEC 2011)


  • Chapter 1: Where is Latin America in terms of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)?
  • Chapter 2: M&E Plan and strategy
  • Chapter 3: M&E Tools
  • Chapter 4: How is knowledge of policy influence managed in Latin America?
  • Chapter 5: Strategy to implement a Knowledge Management (KM) Plan
  • Chapter 6: Tools for Knowledge Management
  • Chapter 7: Latin American cases

Specific Options Mentioned

  • Annex 1: Example of a SWOT Matrix (Phase 1 - Diagnosis)
  • Annex 2: Template for diagnosing organizational M&E capabilities
  • Annex 3: Summary Card of an M&E plan
  • Annex 4: Example of an Output x Impacts Matrix
  • Annex 5: Template for systematizing a policy influence case
  • Annex 6: Media Report, CIPPEC Fundation
  • Annex 7: Blame Behaviors vs. Gain Behaviors
  • Annex 8: Mind Maps
  • Annex 9: Activity-based Knowledge Maps
  • Annex 10: Knowledge Harvesting. Guiding questions
  • Annex 11: Action Learning


Weyrauch, V., D´Agostino, J., & Richards, C. CIPPEC, (2011). Learners, practitioners, and teachers : handbook on monitoring, evaluating and managing knowledge for policy influence.

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