How to geotag images

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This blog post by Darren Rowse for Digital Photography School provides detailed guidance on geotagging images.  The post includes screen shots of each step of the process and includes links to software which is free to download.


"There are two ways to Geotag an image, the first is by looking at a map and working out exactly where the photograph was taken and then entering the information manually into the photograph.

The second is to use a GPS to log the location of the photograph and then add that information either automatically or manually to the EXIF data. Some digital cameras are now coming equipped with a GPS to record this data automatically and others allow the fitting of a special GPS receiver to the flash hot shoe and then they communicate the data to the camera usually by an additional cable connection. Alternatively the GPS and camera can be independent and the location data can be added later by software. This is the method I decided to explore."


  • What is Geotagging?
  • How do I Geotag an Image?
  • What equipment do I need for Geotagging?
  • What equipment did you use for Geotagging?
  • How did you make it all work?
  • What do I do with this additional information in my photograph?


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