How to make dumbbell dot plots in Excel

This blog post from Stephanie Evergreen from Evergreen Data provides step-by-step guidance for producing dumbbell dot plots using excel.


"In case it wasn’t clear, I freakin love dot plots. They are amazingly easy to read, beautifully simple in their display. I was making these babies for some clients a little while ago, before and after dots for about 25 variables in one graph. And they said “Uh, hey yeah Stephanie? Could you, like, draw a tiny line between the pair of dots on each line?” >.< That was my face when I imagined painfully inserting 25 lines, perfectly aligned between the dot pairs. But I love challenges like this. Could I find a way to make Excel do this for me?"


(Evergreen, 2014)


Evergreen, S., (2014), How to Make Dumbbell Dot Plots in Excel, Evergreen Data. Retrieved from:

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