Impact evaluations in agriculture: an assessment of the evidence

This report from the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) examines the results of a range of impact evaluations of agricultural projects from around the world in order to gain an understanding of the lessons learned from these projects which in turn will inform the design of future projects.


  • Impact Evaluation Overview
  • Impact Evaluation Characteristics
  • Challenges Facing Users of Impact Evaluations in Agriculture
  • Inside the Interventions
  • Introduction to the Taxonomy of Interventions
  • Characteristics of the Interventions
  • Land Tenancy and Titling
  • Extension Interventions
  • Irrigation Interventions
  • Improved NRM Technology Interventions
  • Input Technology Interventions
  • Marketing Interventions
  • Microfinance Interventions
  • Other Interventions: Infrastructure and Safety Nets
  • What Does the Evidence Reveal?
  • Primary Constraints for Farmers
  • Summary of the Results Reported by the Impact Evaluations
  • Results by Agricultural Indicator
  • Results by Intervention Type
  • Results by Agricultural Constraint
  • Lessons by Design and Implementation Characteristics
  • Some Relevant Intervention Design Features
  • Some Relevant Implementation Features


Del Carpio, X. V., Maredia, M., Datar, G., Velez-Vega, P., & Warner, A. The World Bank, Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). (2011). Impact evaluations in agriculture: An assessment of the evidence. Retrieved from website: