An Introduction to Empowerment Evaluation: Teaching Materials

This guide, written by Bronwyn Sherriff and Stephen Porter, provides a set of content notes and a PowerPoint presentation that aims to assist facilitators run a program introducing Empowerment Evaluation.


"Lecture Objectives:

  1. To provide students and/or personnel with a basic introduction to empowerment evaluation.
  2. To present students and/or personnel with a concise overview of the key tenets, facets and steps of empowerment evaluation.
  3. To provide crucial definitions relating to empowerment evaluation terminology in order to enhance general understandings of the topic.
  4. To help facilitate some critical engagement with empowerment evaluation approach." (Sherriff & Porter)


  • Theoretical Alignment
  • Definitions of empowerment evaluation
  • Ten principles of empowerment evaluation
  • Five facets of empowerment evaluation
  • Steps for empowerment evaluation
  • Critiques of empowerment evaluation
  • Recommended readings for students
  • Suggested topics for learner assessment


Sherriff, B., & Porter, S. (n.d.). An introduction to empowerment evaluation: Teaching materials. Retrieved from website:

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