Linking monitoring and evaluation to impact evaluation

This second guidance note from InterAction on Impact Evaluation, outlines the relationship between regular monitoring and evaluation and impact evaluation with particular reference to how M & E activities can support meaningful and valid impact evaluation.

Included with the paper are links to the following webinars and slideshows:


  • 1. How can monitoring and other forms of evaluation support impact evaluation? 2
  • 1.1. Main characteristics of monitoring, evaluation, and impact evaluation 2
  • 1.2. How M&E can contribute to impact evaluation 6
  • 2. How to build impact evaluation into M&E thinking and practices 7
  • 2.1. Articulate the theory of change 7
  • 2.2. Identify priorities for undertaking impact evaluation 10
  • 2.3. Identify information/data needs 10
  • 2.4. Start with what you have 13
  • 2.5. Design and implement the impact evaluation, analyze and interpret the findings 14
  • 2.6. Use the findings 15
  • 2.7. Review, reflect, and update 15
  • 3. Engaging all parts of the organization 16
  • 3.1. M&E: A core management function requiring senior management leadership and support 16
  • 3.2. An active role for program staff is required


Perrin, B. InterAction, (2012). Linking monitoring and evaluation to impact evaluation (Impact Evaluation Notes No. 2.). Retrieved from website:

Originally sourced from Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS

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