National evaluation policy in Colombia

This case study, prepared by Katerina Stolyarenko for the Parliamentary Forum for Development Evaluation outlines the process that was used to develop and implement a government-wide monitoring and evaluation system in Colombia.


"Colombia’s National Results Evaluation System (SINERGIA) is one of Latin America’s outstanding results-based monitoring and evaluation initiatives. SINERGIA was specifically set up to help improve the effectiveness of public policies. SINERGIA does this by helping to enhance the supply, quality and credibility of performance information (robust methodologies, standards), facilitating access (integrated IT systems, reporting, etc.) and fostering demand (the use of performance information in policy decision-making and accountability)."


  • Introduction   3
  • Institutional setting of NEP in Colombia   5
  • Achievements and Challenges   11
  • Good Practice(s)   13
  • Conclusion   14


Stolyarenko, K., (2014) National evaluation policy in Colombia, Parliamentary Forum for Development Evaluation. Retrieved from:

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