National Policy on Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation - Uganda

This Ugandan national policy, published in 2013, applies to all public policies, strategies, programmes and projects managed by Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, Local Governments, Parastatals and Executing Agencies of public programmes. It is intended to address a number of identified problems in terms of M & E in Uganda.   

This policy has been designed to address gaps in existing legislation and administrative practices with respect to tracking the performance and evaluation of public policies and investments, including plans not being designed with performance in mind, monitoring and evaluation being uneven in coverage and quality, and inconsistent budgeting for monitoring and evaluation.  

The specific objectives of the Policy are to: 

  1. Embed monitoring and evaluation in the management practices of MDAs and LGs 

  1. Expand the coverage of public policy and programmes that are subjected to rigorous 

  1. evaluation to ensure policy makers know what works and what doesn’t 

  1. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the various actors in the assessment of public 

  1. policies and programmes. 

  1. Strengthen the coordination of public and private institutions in the supply and 

  1. demand of monitoring and evaluation. 

  1. Strengthen the capacities of MDAs and LGs in terms of skilled personnel, requisite 

  1. infrastructure, and policy environment to manage and implement the policy 

The policy sets out key concepts and definitions, underlining principles, policy requirements, roles and responsibilities, processes for co-ordination, and an implementation plan. 

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