Network weaving for regional development: an evaluation of the caucasus' agricultural alliances in Armenia and Georgia using social network analysis

Written by Larry Dersham and Tikhon (Lasha) Bokuchava for Oxfam, this research report is an example of applying Social Network Analysis to evaluate the stage of development of development of two regional alliances.

The information provided was supplied by Larry Dershem, independent consultant. 

Authors and their affiliation

Larry Dershem & Tikhon (Lasha) Bokuchava

Key features

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the agricultural alliances in Armenia and Georgian established by Oxfam in 2011 in Armenia and 2013 in Georgia using a framework that posits three stages of alliance development (Connecting, Cementing, and Scaling) coupled with the social network analysis technique.

Using network mapping and metrics, the structure and characteristics of sharing information and collaborating in advocacy in these alliances were assessed to determine which stage of development the FSN networks most closely match at this time.


How have you used or intend on using this resource?

This report can be used as an example for evaluators who are looking to use social network analysis to assess the social network characteristics of an alliance, and who want to evaluate the stage of development of the alliance by comparing suggested network characteristics for each stage of development with actual network characteristics of the alliance.

It is also useful as an example of how to operationalise Social Network Analysis around a Theory of Change (in this case, Pastor et al.'s Building Blocks to Social Change).

The two sets of recommendations offered (general recommendations and specific) may also be useful for those who are in the process of setting up an alliance or network.

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This study demonstrates how to evaluate the formation and sustainability of complex advocacy alliances’ using social network analysis.


Dershem, L. & Bokuchava, T. (2016). Network Weaving for Regional Development: An Evaluation of the Caucasus' Agricultural Alliances in Armenia and Georgia Using Social Network Analysis, Oxfam, Georgia.