OECD’s Data Portal, full of interactive dataviz, now in public beta

This blog post by Dean Meyers for VizWorld reviews the new data portal from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Meyers discusses how the data portal demonstrates how it is possible to create an environment that puts the user’s need to get to information first, and takes advantage of everything (short of video) a web browser can do without requiring massive bandwidth.


"One of the strongest features in the Portal is the ability both to interact immediately with the data and a request for feedback on the usability of the Data Portal itself. This is an unusually direct approach to gather user experience/usability information on a website, and should give the design/development team the ability to really keep up the site’s development in an Agile way.  Perhaps it will stay in perpetual Beta, as Google did with Gmail for years!" 


Meyers, D., (2014). OECD’s Data Portal, full of interactive dataviz, now in public betaVizWorld. Retrieved from: http://www.vizworld.com/2014/07/oecds-data-portal-full-of-interactive-dataviz-is-now-in-public-beta/#sthash.oyZ903BV.2lTJfY8b.dpbs