Outcome Mapping: a realistic alternative for planning, monitoring and evaluation

This background note from Overseas Development Institute (ODI), gives an overview of Outcome Mapping (OM) which can be used as an approach to planning, monitoring, and evaluating social change initiatives.

"[D]eveloped by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Canada (Earl et al., 2001)... OM is a set of tools and guidelines that steer project or programme teams through an iterative process to identify their desired change and to work collaboratively to bring it about. Results are measured by the changes in behaviour, actions and relationships of those individuals, groups or organisations with whom the initiative is working directly and seeking to influence." (Smutylo, 2005; Jones & Hearn, 2009)


  • Choosing the appropriate PME framework
  • The principles of Outcome Mapping
  • When does Outcome Mapping work best?
  • How to support Outcome Mapping


Jones, H., & Hearn, S. (2009). Outcome mapping: a realistic alternative for planning, monitoring and evaluation. Retrieved from Overseas Development Institute(ODI) website: http://www.odi.org.uk/resources/docs/5058.pdf