Participatory monitoring and evaluation for natural resource management and research

This guide from the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) provides a detailed guide to the use of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) with a particular emphasis on natural resource management.

"For research managers of DFID-funded work, PM&E can stimulate a shift from assessing impacts based on DFID’s perceptions of benefits to include the perceptions of the target population. PM&E can, therefore, provide more comprehensive information on efficiency, relevance, sustainability, impact and effectiveness of work in progress. By learning from mistakes en route, it can lead to timely corrective action. By highlighting the successes of people’s efforts, it can increase motivation. The systematic and continual exchange of information can also strengthen working relationships." (Guijt, 1999)


Evaluation methods and tools mentioned


Guijt, I. The University of Greenwich, The Natural Resources Institute (NRI). (1999). Participatory monitoring and evaluation for natural resource management and research. Retrieved from website: