Partners in Planning: Information, Participation and Empowerment

This book, written by Susan Rifkin and Pat Pridmore, examines how professionals can work with beneficiaries in a participatory manner, particularly emphasising partnerships in health and education. It includes a range of examples, tools and techniques that can be used to support participation.


"It explores how information can be used to develop equal partnerships between professionals and the people who are intended to benefit from the programme. It discusses the importance of generating information, encouraging active participation and the subsequent empowerment of local people to give them the confidence needed to make decisions that affect their own lives - the book explores how information is obtained and used. Topics covered include why information is important for planning and empowerment choosing appropriate methods and techniques, carrying out a participatory needs assessment, and investigating particular samples of participatory planning. Drawings, tables and photographs are used to illustrate examples of planning techniques and a list of further reading is included with a select bibliography." (Rifkin & Pridmore 2001)

The book can be purchased form the MacMillan Publishing


Rifkin, S and PridmoreP. (2001). Partners in Planning: Information, Participation and Empowerment. Macmillan