Peer review and self-evaluation

This toolkit from the Australian National University (ANU) provides a range of resources that demonstrate the use of both peer review and self evaluation in order to develop reflective practice in teachers.  While the focus of the toolkit is on teachers, the lessons learned from these modules can easily be adapted for any setting.

"The  dominant hope  is  that individuals,  groups  and  even whole departments will explore  the evaluation methods in these booklets, will identify the ones they’re comfortable with,  will  tailor  them to  their needs, and  weave  them into a  personal or a collective tradition of evaluation practices.  The department that has such a tradition will have an almost unbeatable quality assurance mechanism in place and will be very well placed to describe the ways in which it monitors, maintains and improves the quality of its teaching." (Åkerlind & Pettigrove, 1996)


Åkerlind, G. S., & Pettigrove, M. G. The Australian National University, Centre for Educational Development and Academic Methods (CEDAM). (1996). Peer review and self-evaluation. Retrieved from website: