People First Impact Method: Facilitator’s Toolkit

This toolkit, developed by Gerry McCarthy and Paul O’Hagan, is aimed at supporting facilitators in the teaching of P-FIM through a range of exercises. P-FIM is a practical tool designed for use in community engagement exercises. Its aim is to give communities a voice, identify and attribute impact contribution for improved performance. The toolkit provides detailed practical examples and templates that can be used during the facilitation of a P-FIM workshop. The workshop is designed to take place over a five day period. 


"P-FIM is a tool and an approach that gives communities a voice. It identifies the causes of positive, negative and neutral change in their lives. It emphasises active listening, understanding context; shared ownership and responsibility for improved response. The exercise doubles as a personal and professional learning experience. P-FIM supports twoway accountability processes, assessment, evaluation, programme design, monitoring and evaluation, policy, strategy development and it operates to scale."


  • Acknowledgements 1
  • Terms used 2
  • Toolkit purpose 3
  • Foreword 4
  • Introduction 5
  • Day 1 Preparation and training 13
  • Day 2 Preparation and training 30
  • Day 3 Goal free field work 43
  • Day 4 Presentation of findings and preparation 47
  • Day 5 Goal focussed field work 52


Gerry McCarthy and Paul O’Hagan, (2014), People First Impact Method: Facilitator’s Toolkit. Retrieved from: