A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation

This guide from the Innovation Network Inc. outlines a step by step  process for conducting evaluations on advocacy projects. It includes a range of tools and approaches that can be used to ensure an effective evaluation process takes place.

The guide comes in three versions for the different stakeholders that may be involved in the evaluation.


  • Evaluation Purpose
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Theory of Change
  • What to Measure
  • Methodology and Data Collection
  • Analysis, Reflection, and Data Use
  • Communications and Reporting
  • Checking the Big Picture


Morariu, J., Reed, E., Brennan, K., Stamp, A., Parrish, S., Pankaj, V., & Zandniapour, L. Innovation Network, (n.d.). Pathfinder: A practical guide to advocacy evaluation. Retrieved from website: http://www.innonet.org/client_docs/File/advocacy/pathfinder_evaluator_we...