QuIP: Understanding clients through in-depth interviews

This practice note gives a step-by-step guide to developing and conducting in-depth interviews using the QuIP approach, and analysing the information and making conclusions based on what you have learned.

The resource describes how to use QuIP in 10 steps. It then goes into greater detail about each step, providing advice to help you implement the approach. The suggested steps are:

  1. Deciding what data is needed.
  2. Deciding who should do the work.
  3. Identifying baseline information.
  4. Selecting the sample for qualitative interviews.
  5. Designing a semi-structured interview schedule.
  6. Preparing for interviews.
  7. Conducting interviews.
  8. Analysing and interpreting narrative data.
  9. Analysing and converting qualitative data into numbers.
  10. Using the data to improve your services.

The practice note provides helpful case studies, a checklist of possible research objectives and example questions that you could use in your interviews.


Imp-Act. (2004). QuIP: Understanding clients through in-depth interviews. Imp-Act practice notes, Number Two. Retrieved from: https://sptf.info/images/pn2_quip.pdf