Reviewing and scoring projects

This 'How to Note' from the UK Government's Department for International Development (DfID) is designed to support staff to use their scoring system and latest templates when completing Annual Reviews and project completion reports.


  • Principal changes from previous templates 2
  • Introduction 2
  • What is changing? 3
  • What does it involve? 4
  • Using the logframe as a monitoring tool 5
  • If you don‟t have a logframe 6
  • Assessing the evidence base 6
  • The Scoring System 6
  • Updating ARIES 7
  • Transparency and Publishing AR‟s and PCR‟s 7
  • Projects below £1m approved prior to the new Business Case format 8
  • Multilateral Core Contributions 9
  • Filling in the templates/ Guidance on the template contents 9
  • Completing the AR/PCR and information onto ARIES 19
  • Annex A: Sample Terms of Reference


Department for International Development (DfID), (2011). Reviewing and scoring projects (How to note). Retrieved from website:

Originally sourced from Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS