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Actionable Impact Management (AIM) is a 4 part series of ebooks that provide guidance to assist organisations to create an enduring internal impact measurement process for accurately and effectively communicating impact.

This resource and the following information was contributed by Kaye Stevens.

Authors and their affiliation

Dr. Krzysztof Dembek, Dr. Jodi York, Rachel Dodd, Lorena Rodríguez, Unmesh Sheth

SoPact Inc. and the University Of Melbourne's Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre

Key features

The four e-books cover Groundwork, Metrics, Data and Communication. The series is designed to be accessible, functional and actionable. Each ebook includes instruction, activities to guide users through the process and links to examples or further information.


VOL 1 GROUNDWORK – map out foundational elements of your impact management strategy

  • Vision, mission, & goals
  • Program structure
  • Theory of change
  • Managing change

VOL 2 METRICS – define metrics to measure what matters

  • Measure what matters
  • Standard metrics alignment
  • Metrics data pipeline + tools

VOL 3 DATA – enhance data capacity

  • Data capacity
  • Data tools
  • Data strategy
  • Data analysis

VOL 4 COMMUNICATION – map out foundational elements of your impact communication strategy

  • Storytelling approach
  • Quality principles
  • What to include in an impact report
  • Reaching the audience

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

Useful for people new to evaluation who are planning data collection, analysis and communication strategies.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

The series provides clear guidance for organisations seeking to establish an impact measurement system.