Standards for Evaluation in the UN System

This set of standards and norms, developed by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG), are designed to increase the professionalisation of evaluation and provide guidance on the development of evaluation policy in UN agencies. Developed based on best practice of UNEG members, the standards set out to support the development of institutional frameworks, clear management practices and the implementation and use of evaluations.


  • Institutional framework and management of the evaluation function 4
    • Institutional Framework 4
    • Management of the Evaluation Function 6
  • Competencies and ethics 7
    • Competencies 7
    • Ethics 10
  • Conducting evaluations 11
    • Design 11
    • Process 15
    • Selection of Team 16
    • Implementation 17
    • Reporting 17
    • Follow up 18
  • Evaluation reports 19


United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) (2005), Standards for Evaluation in the UN System. Retrieved from: