The Survey Methods Workbook: From Design to Analysis

This book written by Alan Buckingham and Peter Saunders provides detailed guidance on the use of quantitative research methods from the initial planning phase through to  carrying out the fieldwork and analysing the findings. The book is broken up into three main areas: research design; data collection; and data analysis.

This book is available for purchase through Wiley: The Survey Methods Workbook


  • Part I Research Design
    • Discovering Facts, Testing Theories
    • When is a Survey Appropriate?
  • Part II Data Collection
    • Preparing a Questionnaire
    • Drawing a Sample
    • Interviewing, Coding and Scaling
    • Preparing a Data File
  • Part III Data Analysis
    • Describing and Exploring Data
    • Analysing the Strength of Association between Variables
    • Inferring Population Parameters from Sample Statistics
    • Modelling Associations between Variables
  • Glossary of Technical Terms
  • The Survey Methods Workbook Website


Buckingham, A. & Saunders, P. (2004) The Survey Options Workbook (London: Polity)

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