Theory-based approaches to evaluation: Concepts and practices

This web page from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat provides an outline of some of the key concepts of theory-based approaches to evaluation.

The general application of a variety of different approaches is discussed along with some advice on the potential applications for government agencies.


  • Introduction
  • Context and causation in theory-based approaches
  • Theories of change and logic models
  • Theory-based approaches to evaluation
  • Addressing federal core issues using theory-based approaches to evaluation
  • Developing theories of change
  • Using theory-based approaches to make causal inferences
  • Strengths and weaknesses of theory-based approaches to evaluation
  • Using theory-based approaches to evaluate cause-effect issues in different types of interventions
  • Other uses of theory-based approaches
  • From concept to practice


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (2009). Theory-Based Approaches to Evaluation: Concepts and Practices. Retrieved from:

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