Transportation benefit-cost analysis

This website, written in the context of transportation policy, is of use to any investigator looking for step-by-step guidance on the cost-benefit analysis process.

It provides a directed overview of procedures for conducting cost-benefit analysis, while explaining relevant concepts methodologies. In particular, users will learn how to

  • Define the problem that the the project addresses and set up analysis
  • Measure and value benefits and costs
  • Calculate benefit-cost measures
  • Interpret and present results of benefit-cost analysis
  • Sample benefit-cost models

Source: Transportation Research Board


Specific methods mentioned

  • BCA.Net
  • Cal-B/C
  • Israeli Nohal Prat
  • MicroBENCOST
  • StratBENCOST


Transportation Research Board. (n.d.). Transportation benefit-cost analysis. Retrieved from

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