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  • This web page gives detailed guided assistance in creating rubrics.
  • This World Bank volume offers detailed guidance on the use of Small Area Estimation poverty maps in research and policy making. Information, guidance and tools are organised around the following broad themes:
  • Prepared by the Innovation Network, this workbook offers a “do-it-yourself guide” to the development and use of a range of logic models, including step-by-step description of the process required for th
  • This detailed guide provides investigators with a rigorous technical discussion of Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) procedure, written from a public health perspective, as an opti
  • This webpage from Keystone Accountability outlines the six major reasons that social organizations monitor, assess and report their performance and results.
  • This chapter from the University of Kansas Work Group for Community Health and Development 'Community Toolbox' contains a detailed overview of logic models and theory of change development relevant to the related construction of the realist
  • The World Cafe website offers several free tools for supporting the set up and facilion of a World Cafe session.The following tools are available for download:
  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) online guide offers a detailed and interactive introduction to the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) process.Guidance is provided for the following:
  • Developed by Geoff Parcell and Chris Collison in their book No More Consultants: We Know More Than We Think, “The River Diagram” is a useful tool designed for visualising the results of self-assessment and peer-learning data from multiple s
  • This website, written in the context of transportation policy, is of use to any investigator looking for step-by-step guidance on the cost-benefit analysis process.
  • Demographic mapping is a way of using GIS (global information system) mapping technology to show data on population characteristics by region or geographic area.