Uganda evaluation standards

This set of standards was developed by the Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) in order to guide evaluations that take place in Uganda to ensure a good standard of practice is demonstrated by evaluators during evaluations.  


"The Uganda Evaluation Standards, developed and endorsed by evaluators in Uganda for the first time in 2013, provide guidance on how evaluation professionals and users should behave, what concepts and practices evaluators should use, the benchmarks their products should meet, and the outcomes they should achieve. The eminent professionals who were involved in preparing the Standards and the peer reviewers are annexed. The standards are in conformity with the African Evaluation Association (Afrea) Guidelines and the good practices endorsed by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE).

The standards shall guide the professional practice of all evaluators working in Uganda; and inform evaluation clients and the general public about the standards that they can expect to be upheld by professional evaluators. The standards will be periodically evaluated and reviewed to bring on board emerging practices and trends in the field of evaluation. Where applicable and relevant, the UEA will strive to engender the evaluation processes and promote gender sensitivity in the development programmes that are under evaluation." (UEA, 2013)


Uganda Evaluation Association (2013), Uganda Evaluation Standards. Retrieved from:

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