Useful Tools for Engaging Young People in Participatory Evaluation

A toolkit developed as part of a formative evaluation by the UNICEF Regional Office of young people's participation in the CEE/CIS region in 2005. It includes an overview of ethical issues and guidance on using 15 different evaluation tools/options with children, plus icebreakers and energizers to use in group activities.


  • Context
  • What is Participatory Evaluation with Young People
  • Ethical Approaches to Involving Children and Young People in Evaluation
  • The Toolkit
  • Classical Evaluation Tools
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Questionnaires
  • Key Informant Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Tools for Participatory Research
  • Card Visualization
  • Smiley-face Scale
  • Testimonials / Stories
  • Impact Drawings
  • Historical Timeline
  • Social Mapping / Community Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • Force-field Analysis
  • Tools for Participant Evaluation of Workshops
  • Quantitative Workshop Evaluation
  • Taking Stock
  • Process / Product Workshop Evaluation
  • Ice-breakers and Team-builders
  • Energizers
  • A Note on Body Language
  • References / Bibliography


UNICEF (2005) Useful Tools for Engaging Young People in Participatory Evaluation. UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office. Retrieved from