Using Word & Excel to analyze qualitative data with Seth Tucker

Extracting meaningful findings from qualitative data requires an evaluator to have the right tools to able to organize, code, and immerse themselves in the data.

This can be difficult when dealing with large amounts of data or when there is a lack of access, comfort level, or desire in using coding software.

However, rigorous qualitative analysis can be done using tools that many people are already familiar with - Microsoft Word and Excel. In this interactive workshop, Seth demonstrated how to use Microsoft Word and Excel to define, organize, and analyze qualitative data in a way that is practical, efficient, rigorous, and fun. Participants left this session with another tool in their qualitative data analysis toolbox without the need to buy or learn analysis software.


About the speaker

Seth Tucker is an alum of American University’s Project Monitoring and Evaluation Certificate Program. Seth is an evaluation analyst at TCC Group, where he uses qualitative and quantitative methods that incorporate machine learning, social network analysis, and natural language processing. Seth has previously coordinated, as well as managed and analyzed data, for evaluation projects in Latin America and the United States related to Fair Trade, Social Return on Investment, Property Formalization, Adult Education, and Sustainable Agriculture, among others.