Utilization-Focused Evaluation Curriculum

This webpage from Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICT4D (DECI) provides links to five learning modules which outline the basics of Utilization-Focussed evaluation plus two extra modules which are focused on ICT4D issues.


  • Module 1 provides a Background
  • Module 2 is a UFE Primer
  • Module 3 provides Practical guidance
  • Module 4 explains possible Uses
  • Module 5 show the link to Methods
  • Extra Module A provides ICT4D concepts
  • Extra Module B provides additional ICT4D concepts


Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICTD - DECI, (2009).Utilization-Focused Evaluation Curriculum. Retrieved from website: http://evaluationinpractice.wordpress.com/deci-research/ufe-curriculum/