Utilization focused evaluation: a primer for evaluators

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This book, authored by Ricardo Ramírez and Dal Brodhead, is designed to support evaluators and program managers implement Utilization-focused evaluation (UFE). It includes detailed discussion of the 12 steps for implementing UFE and also provides a number of case studies to guide the user.


"Throughout this Primer we refer to the value of having a mentor to assist an evaluator who is using UFE for the first time. Our collective experiences with UFE indicated having a mentor was, for many UFE participants, an essential support and it reflects how we learned and mentored UFE. Evaluators may use elements of a UFE in their work naturally, for example by engaging users in planning the process or in assisting them in the utilization of findings. This Primer, however, walks the reader through UFE by systematically covering all of the 12 steps. It reflects deeply on the UFE evaluation practice and builds from it." (Ramírez & Brodhead 2013)


  • What is Utilization Focused Evaluation? 1
  • The UFE Framework Summarized in Steps 3
  • The DECI Project 6
  • The UFE Steps Illustrated with Project Examples 9
  • Step 1 Assessing Program Readiness 10
  • Step 2 Assessing Evaluators’ Readiness 18
  • Step 3 Identifying Primary Intended Users 24
  • Step 4 Situational Analysis 31
  • Step 5 Identification of Primary Intended Users 38
  • Step 6 Focusing the Evaluation 44
  • Step 7 Evaluation Design 54
  • Step 8 Simulation of Use 58
  • Step 9 Data Collection 62
  • Step 10 Data Analysis 65
  • Step 11 Facilitation of Use 68
  • Step 12 Meta Evaluation 72
  • Summary About What Each Step Entails 76
  • What Benefit Does UFE Bring to Commissioners of Evaluation? 81
  • Take Away Lessons 83
  • Postscript 87
  • The UFE Checklist 89
  • Case Studies 103
  • Recommended Reading 110


Ramírez, R., & Brodhead, D. (2013). Utilization focused evaluation: A primer for evaluators. Penang, Malaysia: Southbound. Retrieved from http://evaluationinpractice.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/ufeenglishprimer...

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