Voice and accountability tool: engagement framework

This tool from the Catholic Aid Agency for England and Wales (CAFOD) is aimed at supporting groups evaluate their capacity to conduct advocacy programs and improve their performance.  Focusing on four key areas of advocacy capacity, the tool allows the user to assess the readiness to conduct advocacy based on a five level scale. 


"This tool can be used in different places and for different types of advocacy, and helps CAFOD and our partners to think about the wider context of their work as well as their achievements. The levels are cumulative, and require partner organisations to think through the reasons why they might be classed at one level or another by providing anecdotal evidence in each case. The tool does not prescribe which elements to emphasize in any given level. Organisations may find elements of their work in more than one box but are asked to best approximate their level on a yearly basis." (CAFOD, n.d.)




Catholic Aid Agency for England and Wales (CAFOD), (n.d.). Voice and Accountability Tool: Engagement Framework. Retrieved from: http://www.e-alliance.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/docs/Advocacy_Capacity/2011/13._CAFOD_VATool_2010_final.pdf

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