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This tool from the Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) is a visualisation platform which allows the user to  integrate, analyse and visualise data at “nested” levels of geography, and to disseminate the results in a web page.


"Weave represents a new generation of software tools for the analysis and visualization of data. This new software system has been designed to enable any user to visualize any available data anywhere. By selecting from the wide variety of Weave visualizations, users can customize a webpage to present data in the way that best suits the intended audience. Weave was specifically designed to handle large quantities of data from different sources and can geographically map that data using any shape files. Where shape files are available, any boundary may be used, whether political, census tract, environmental, economic, neighborhood, lot or nation. Any boundary shape can be added to the system to allow customization of data analysis and display. Being web-based, Weave uses a browser to access the user interface. In addition to providing immediate familiarity to the user, this makes the resulting visualizations available to an array of users from novice to expert, including those who are working collaboratively but may not be centrally located."


Open Indicators Consortium (OIC). (2014). Weave. Retrieved from: http://www.oicweave.org/ (archived link)

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