The World Cafe toolkit

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The World Cafe website offers several free tools for supporting the set-up and facilitation of a World Cafe session.

The following tools are available for download on the World Cafe website:

  • Café to Go! - a brief guide to the World Cafe process, including outlines of core principles, a description of Café etiquette, key components of World Cafe conversations, and guidance on establishing ambiance conducive to a productive session. The guide is In English with translations available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and specially-adapted guides in Somalian, Russian, and Spanish.
  • The Art of Powerful Conversations - a detailed guide by Vogt, E, Brown, J and Isaacs, D, which discusses the construction, scope, and assumption of core World Cafe questions in greater nuance. Provides sample questions for improving facilitation. (English, Spanish, French). 
  • World Café Checklist - useful inventory of materials for World Cafe sessions.
  • Image Bank - a collection of graphic support materials for sessions.


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