Competencies for development evaluation evaluators, managers, and commissioners

This paper from the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) provides a range of core competencies that evaluation managers and evaluators should possess wherever they work.

The competencies were developed as part of a lengthy review, conducted by IDEA which sought to identify a clear set of competencies and criteria for judging the knowledge, skills, and abilities of evaluators in the international development field.   


"The IDEAS competencies framework is based on a three part premise. The first is that there is a core set of competencies that all who are development evaluators or development evaluation managers should look to, wherever they work. That is, the core competencies of development evaluation are basically the same regardless of whether a development evaluator or manager works, for example, out of Belgium, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, or Uganda, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, or the United States. Second, the core competencies are the same whether the development evaluators or development evaluation managers work for a bilateral development organization, a developing country ministry, a large or small non-profit, or a university. The third part of the premise is that each organization will have its own context-specific competencies to add to this core set." (IDEAS 2012)


  • Notes on the competencies
  • Competencies for international development evaluators
  • Competencies for managers of international development evaluations
  • Competencies for commissioners of international development evaluations
  • IDEAS Initiative on International Competencies for Development Evaluators - Team composition


Ray C. Rist, Ph.D. (2012) Competencies for Development Evaluation Evaluators, Managers, and Commissioners. IDEAS - International Development Evaluation Association. Retrieved from:

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