Health Policy Project: Capacity development resource guides and competencies

The Health Policy Project's series of Capacity Development Resource Guides are focused on enhancing the abilities required to impact health policy through design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, though many of the areas covered will be applicable outside the health sector.

The guides detail the necessary skills, knowledge, and capacities for both individuals and organizations within specific technical areas.

The guides incorporate capacity indicators for both individual and organizational levels, which are aligned with the Health Policy Project's Capacity Indicators Catalog. These indicators serve as a framework for conducting organizational capacity assessments across various domains such as policy, advocacy, governance, and finance.

Furthermore, the guides offer a range of activities and resources that support the design and execution of capacity development technical assistance. They cover competencies in multiple areas including accountability systems, advocacy, data analysis and use, gender, health financing, and implementation barriers. Other areas of focus include knowledge translation, monitoring and evaluation, multisectoral collaboration, networking and coalition building, policy analysis, policy dialogue, policy monitoring, poverty, stigma and discrimination, and strategy development.

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