Preparing an evaluation scope of work

This guide from USAID provides a range of tips and advice on the use of a scope of work. Describing their importance it goes on to to outline the key elements of a scope of work while also providing useful examples to support thei preparation. 


"A good evaluation SOW provides a clear blueprint that an evaluation team can follow to ensure management needs are met. Experience demonstrates that expending adequate time and effort in preparing a good SOW has big payoffs in terms of the evaluation's quality, relevance and usefulness. SOWs are as important for internal teams (composed of USAID and implementing partner staff) as they are for external teams (composed of contractors and grantees)."


  • What Is an Evaluation Scope of Work?
  • Why Are SOWs Important?
  • Elements of a Good Evaluation SOW
    • Activity, Results Package, or Strategic Objective to be Evaluated
    • Background
    • Existing Performance Information Sources
    • Purpose of the Evaluation
    • Evaluation Questions
    • Evaluation Methods
    • Team Composition and Participation
    • Procedures: Schedule and Logistics
    • Reporting and Dissemination Requirements
    • Budget


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