Qualitative impact assessment protocol (QuIP)

This easy-to-read briefing introduces the Qualitative Impact Protocol (QuIP) as a valuable, simple and cost-effective tool for assessing the impact of social investments and development interventions.

The paper presents an overview of QuIP in three steps:

  1. The background to QuIP and its main aims;
  2. Data collection and analysis methodology;
  3. QuIP in the context of other approaches to evaluation, including contribution analysis, process tracing,  realist enquiry and outcome harvesting.

Examples of participant quotes, responses to closed questions, causal maps, and other visualisations are provided to illuminate the approach.

QuIP is designed to act as a "reality check" on whether activities have intended effects and/or unintended consequences. It's noted as a versatile approach that can be used to both confirm expected outcomes and explore broader changes. However, it is not considered useful for understanding the magnitude of changes.


Copestake, J. & Remnant, F. (2020). Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol. BSDR Briefing Paper. Retrieved from: https://bathsdr.org/about-the-quip/

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