Evaluation competency framework for government

This document is a draft of the Evaluation Competency Framework (ECF) used by the South African Government.

It describes the knowledge, skills and abilities for Programme Managers, M&E Advisors and Evaluators who are involved in the evaluation of government programmes and policies. The Framework suggests domains, describes the elements of that domain, and then suggests the level of competence for the programme manager, M&E advisor, and evaluators. It has been sequenced to enable users to immediately identify areas where they need guidance.


"This South African Evaluation Competency Framework (ECF) describes the competences (knowledge, skills and abilities) for the managers and users of government evaluations conducted through the national evaluation system, through setting benchmarks of quality evaluation practice. This document considers competencies in relation to five [sic] dimensions: (1) overarching considerations, (2) leadership, (3) evaluation craft, and (4) the implementation of evaluations." (Department: Performance monitoring and evaluation, 2014)


  • Introduction
  • Overarching Considerations
    • Contextual knowledge and understanding
    • Ethical conduct
    • Interpersonal skills
  • Evaluation leadership
  • Evaluation Craft
    • Evaluative Discipline and Practice
    • Research Practice
  • Implementation of Evaluation
    • Evaluation Planning
    • Managing Evaluation
    • Report writing & communication
    • Improvement


Department: Performance monitoring and evaluation. (2014). Evaluation Competency Framework for Government. The Presidency Republic of South Africa.

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