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Diploma in Public Policies Evaluation

Universidad de Chile | Santiago | Chile

This program aims to provide its students with a solid training that allows them to develop rigorous evaluations of public projects and programs. This program equips graduates with the analytical and empirical tools to design and perform economic evaluations of public investment projects, as well as evaluate the design and outcomes of various public policy programs.

Diploma in Preparation, Evaluation and Management of Projects

Universidad de Chile | Santiago | Chile

The program's objective is to provide the tools necessary for formulating and evaluating the economic and strategic viability of business investment projects, with a focus on planning. It aims to give students the skills to create a comprehensive business plan from a private perspective, familiarize them with the techniques and methodologies used in preparing and evaluating investment projects, apply appropriate research methods for data collection, provide key tools for project, company, and asset valuation, design and evaluate financing strategies, incorporate risk into investment decisions and understand its impact, interpret evaluation results, and understand basic project planning and control.

Diploma in Evaluation and Project Management

Universidad Mayor | Santiago | Chile

This program is highly practical and seeks to develop your skills and provide you with tools that can be immediately applied in your professional work. The learning experience will be hands-on and group-based, with case studies, practical projects and presentations in class used to improve business management. This program has been specially developed for professionals from various industries, who wish to be related to the formulation, evaluation, management and development of new projects and undertakings, as well as projects in progress.

Professional Master in Evaluation of Development Programs and Projects

Universidad de Costa Rica | Costa Rica

This program aims to enhance technical training in the evaluation field, particularly for public and private sector officials involved in programs and projects across various industries with an interdisciplinary approach. It also seeks to provide advanced theoretical preparation in the evaluation of programs and projects to professionals from diverse disciplines.

Master of Education in Measurement and Evaluation

University of Guyana | Demeraa-Mahaica | Guyana

Program description not available.

Specialization in Integral Evaluation of Social Development Programs and Policies

Escuela de Salud Pública de México (INSP) | Mexico

The objective of this program is to train professionals to approach the evaluation of social development programs or policies with a holistic perspective. They will learn the foundational concepts and tools of comprehensive evaluation, enabling them to effectively gather and analyze data to improve program performance and make informed decisions. The program focuses on providing timely and reliable evidence to inform program improvement.

Specialization in Evaluation of Social Impact and Consultation

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales de Mexico | Mexico

This program prepares participants to incorporate social factors into infrastructure projects by familiarizing them with social impact assessment tools and Indigenous consultation processes, with a focus on the significance of prior, free, and informed Indigenous consultation in the Mexican context.

Master in Evaluation of Public Policies

IEXE Universidad - Escuela de Políticas Públicas | Puebla | Mexico

The program provides both qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques to assess public policies and programs, aiming to make informed recommendations on their design, implementation, performance, and impact. It trains students to lead evaluation projects, using established methodologies or creating their own, to identify areas for improvement in national and subnational programs.

Diploma in Results-based Budgeting

IEXE Universidad - Escuela de Políticas Públicas | Mexico

The course offers practical and analytical techniques to identify, analyze, and evaluate quantitative methods, aimed at optimizing public spending through efficient planning, programming, and budgeting, thereby maximizing government outcomes and reducing the waste of public resources.

Diploma in Social Evaluation and Project Management

Universidad de Guanajuato | Mexico

The goal of this training is to equip officials, who attend the diploma, with the skills to assess projects from a social perspective and determine if they are feasible to carry out. The training is specifically designed for public servants involved in planning and investment.